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Are you interested in HIIT WORKOUTS?

In the words of the iconic Elle Woods (who was definitely the epitome of the benefits of HIIT workout for women): “What, like it’s hard?” Well, yes it is, but totally in the best way possible! 

Let’s talk HIIT!

You might be wondering, why is there yet ANOTHER blog post about HIIT workouts? Doesn’t everyone already know what a HIIT workout is? Well, mostly yes, but lately, there’s been some negativity swirling around HIIT on social media. The current trend in fitness, especially for women, leans towards slow, low-impact movements (which I am a huge fan of), but… HIIT workouts are still shining bright in the fitness world, proving to be just as effective as they are challenging. In fact, the modality I teach is inspired by HIIT Pilates

BodyByBina is a blend slow-impact Pilates inspired movements with bursts of high-intensity interval sets, ensuring a deep burn while keeping that heart rate soaring. A great option as a HIIT workout for women! Have yet to try an in-person or ON DEMAND session? So, let’s dive right in…

What exactly is HIIT?

HIIT is a term for High-Intensity Interval Training. According to the American College of Sports Medicine, this is a style of training that involves short, intense work periods performed at 80 to 95 percent of your maximum heart rate. This intensity allows for greater calorie burn in a shorter time compared to other workout protocols. HIIT can incorporate various exercises, making it adaptable to different fitness levels and styles. In fact, HIIT workouts with weights are a staple in the fitness industry, combining strength training with cardiovascular benefits.

No, it’s not just for men.

HIIT workouts have been a… hit (get it?) among women for years, and for good reason! They torch calories, rev up metabolism for hours post-workout, induce a quick sweat, and deliver those unbeatable post-workout endorphins. It’s the ultimate mood booster and stress reliever! Need proof? Check out this awesome example of a HIIT workout for women that you can find directly on BodyByBina.com.

Here is another way to get an effective workout in! Follow this routine for a quick & effective legs workout set that focuses on HIIT PILATES!

Front Lunge: 90 seconds
Hold: 30 seconds, Pulse: 30 seconds

Donkey Kick: 90 seconds
Double Time: 30 seconds

Bungee: 90 seconds
Hold: 15 seconds, Pulse: 15 seconds. Repeat

Split Squat: 90 seconds
Hold: 15 seconds, Pulse: 15 seconds. Repeat



Okay, you’d be lying if you didn’t break a sweat. Best part? You didn’t even need equipment or any expensive studios. The versatility of HIIT is really its beauty! You can do these workouts in the comfort of your living room, requiring zero equipment. And since the actual workout forces you to go harder, routines are going to be shorter, which makes them easier to fit into a packed schedule when you just don’t have a ton of time to devote to exercise. Plus, there are countless ways to mix up your routine, ensuring you never get bored.


For health, duh! Beyond the factors of shredding your body, it’s so great for your heart! According to a research review in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, HIIT can help with cardiometabolic health, particularly oxygen usage, blood sugar regulation, and blood pressure. Plus, going hard for a short amount of time can help you become more explosive and fast.

This movement brings us back to our ancestors when they used to run away from lions and tigers and bears (oh my!) Basically, HIIT is  a great way to train your body & mind if let’s say you ever find yourself needing to access your fast twitch muscle fibers really quickly and run away from any weird situations, or maybe just your annoying ex at the club.


First, decide to get moving! Once you’re all in, there’s no stopping you. Then, just find a spot to work out. Like we said earlier, for HIIT, you don’t need fancy gear—just yourself and the urge to kick out all that bad vibes. Lastly, hop onto an online class, whether it’s on a fitness app or your fave trainer’s IG.

There are loads of ways to get active without splurging! So go ahead and make it happen for yourself!



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