Exercises to do from Home… when you just don’t feel like doing anything

Exercises to do from Home… when you just don’t feel like doing anything
October 30, 2023 Albina

Well, hello there  👋

Can someone tell me how it is the end of the OCTOBER already? I swear, ever since I got back from my wedding this summer, time isn’t just flying, it’s light-speeding by! I think I just created a word? Anyways, I just can’t believe the season has changed, most of the world is getting colder, and we are entering the holiday season already, though  the current emotional “climate” does not feel too festive. 

When things aren’t going as expected…

Unless you live a social media/ technology/news-free life, you know that the world is in shambles. If you are somehow impacted by anything going on right now, I want you to know that I feel you, and my heart hurts too. May this all be over soon.

When the world is in pain, I tend to feel that things that are important to me are just silly. With some consideration and the love of everyone around me, I am reminded of my mission and message – movement is healing. If I can help anyone by just getting their mind off of things even just for a few minutes by taking one of my at home fitness programs, I know I am doing some sort of good in this world. 

We are allowed to disconnect 😮‍💨

If you have this opportunity, I implore you to do so, especially from your phone! This Forbes article talks about the benefits of not checking your phone in the morning and gives you examples of things you can do instead of browsing and scrolling. From my end, here are some ways I release stress and anxiety in uncertain times on top of movement, of course. My friends, I want to remind you that the BodyByBina at home workouts are always available for you, no matter what. Still haven’t taken advantage of your free BBB week? Get started!

Do it for you!

However, If you are like many of the people on this planet who just don’t always have the energy, desire, or time to do a full body workout or head to the gym, let me break down a few of my favorite exercises that you can do anytime from anywhere in the world and they wont take too much time out of your day! 🙂 Pst, You can also see a lot of these moves in my routines in my LIVE sessions. PPS: If you need some real motivation, here’s a 15% off discount code from Alo for completing these exercises. 

Let’s jump in…

**Pst, if you dont know what some of these exercises are, check out any of my classes to learn the form & technique!

Leg exercises you can do from home- 

Safe to say, most people love booty work, but forget that working out the full legs is part of the glute building journey as well. Here are some of my favorite ways to burn out my lower body.

Lunges- The best way to get long lean legs, even if you are a shorty like me. Try to do 60-90 seconds per leg and see for yourself how effective these can be!

Split Squats- Looking to sculpt and tone those legs, split squats are the most effective exercises! Really important to focus on your form and to make sure that your knees stay in line at all times! We want to make sure your body will be equipped to workout for years to come! Also, if you add weights to both of your hands- it amplifies your movement even more!

Bungees- IYKYK! These are my favorite exercises EVER. Super effective for shaping the glute and making sure that your lower body will be sore for days. To make these more fun- add holds & pulses!

At home workouts for your biceps- 

Let’s have a bicep curl party! Do each exercise for one minute each and try not to stop in between! Want more?  Repeat 2 or 3 more times.

Bicep Curls to Wide Bicep Curls to X Bicep Curls

Chest exercises from home- 

Fun fact- I love chest exercises! Why? Because some of them you can do lying down! Here’s a quick little set to add to your workout routine.

Laying Chest Press- Most effective when you have medium to heavy weights, but I’m all about working with what you got! Move slow and control your movements with these to see the best results. 

Wide Pushups- Keep your hands wider than your shoulders and your feet wider than your hips! Challenge yourself – How many can you do?

Chest Openers- Really great with weights or resistance bands. These you can do standing or on your knees. This exercise is fun because it feels like you are giving yourself a backwards hug, and of course, we all deserve more hugs in the world!

I hope that helped!

Whether you got your sweat on or just solely focused on disconnecting by reading this blog, I hope what I wrote brought you some sort of peace, comfort, or even just a smile.  I love chatting with you guys and these blogs are a new thing for me. I would love for you to let me know what you think!  Also, if you have any subjects you want me to talk about- let a girl know! Send me a DM and I will do my best to respond to you as soon as I can 🙂 

Here for you, always. 



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