Training on Motivation: How to Make the Time to Exercise

Training on Motivation: How to Make the Time to Exercise
December 21, 2023 Albina

On Motivation

Whenever I am faced with tasks I may not initially want to tackle, I adopt the mindset of reframing my thinking from “I have to do this” into “I get to do this.” For instance, as my partner and I are getting close to the end of our home construction (a process that truly drives me crazy), I remind myself how fortunate I am to even have a home and to be able to seize this unique opportunity to furnish my own personal space. This mindset is an instant motivational shift that emphasizes gratitude.

I use this same mindset when working with clients. Seriously, who doesn’t need a motivational boost to exercise? Even the world’s top athletes have days when they need training on motivation, with some fitness motivational quotes. This one is mine.

Think about this: if you have a functioning body, you are lucky to be able to build, maintain, and strengthen it through exercise. Our bodies do so much for us, and we get to repay them with physical and mental training. Whether it’s an hour of weight lifting or a full-body workout at home with no equipment, finding the movement that works best for you will keep you occupied, determined, and focused on sticking with your fitness goals.

We’ve all been there.

During the preparations for my wedding last year, many family members reached out to me for training on motivation. They not only needed assistance getting back into shape but also needed someone to carve out time for them to do so! A common theme emerged among these people. Many cited their busy lives, where everything moves fast and everyone is preoccupied with jobs, children, and various commitments, as reasons for not having enough time. They literally did not have it. But is a lack of time truly the issue?

Look at your schedule.

 When guiding individuals toward reclaiming their health, my first step is to dissect their entire day. By identifying gaps in their schedule, we explore options like waking up slightly earlier for a quick 20-minute workout before they have to get the entire house ready or utilizing lunch breaks for a 30-minute treadmill session and still leaving time to eat.
Time Magazine found that The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services recommends healthy adults spend at least 150 minutes per week—roughly 20 minutes a day—doing moderate-intensity aerobic exercise and at least two days per week doing muscle-strengthening activities. Seems doable right?
The key is committing to a brief time frame, as often as possible. Once you’re in your workout zone, the endorphins kick in, making it actually hard to stop moving your body. Wild, right? So, why not start telling yourself it’s just 20 or 30 minutes a day and give your body and mind the ability to feel the positive changes?!

Let’s do it!

Need a quick and effective workout? I got you! BodyByBina has hundreds of workouts LIVE or ON DEMAND for you to take whenever your busy schedule allows it. If you don’t even have the time or focus to watch a class, here’s a breakdown of a home workout for belly fat, strength building, and endurance designed specifically for the eternally busy individuals.

30 minute At Home Workout

What you’ll need: yourself, a mat or towel, and some space to move. 

60 seconds Straight Arm Plank *can break down into 2 x 30 second rounds.
60 seconds Plank *can break down into 2 x 30 second rounds.
30 seconds Break

30 seconds Elbow Saw
30 seconds Up Downs
30 seconds Break

90 seconds Slow Crunches *4 counts up, 4 counts down
15 seconds Hold Crunch
15 seconds Pulse Crunch

LEG SET 1 *Right Leg
90 seconds Front Lunge
30 seconds Hold Front Lunge
90 seconds Split Squat
15 seconds Hold Split Squat
15 Seconds Pulse Split Squat
90 seconds Donkey Kick
30 seconds *Tempo* Donkey Kick
90 seconds Bungee


90 seconds Pushup to Child’s Pose Flow
15 seconds Hold Pushup

90 seconds Tricep Dips
15 seconds Hold
15 seconds Pulse

60 seconds Slow Shoulder Press
30 seconds Hold Pulse Shoulder Press
60 seconds Leaning Flies
30 seconds Hold Pulse Leaning Flies
60 seconds Standing Kickbacks
30 seconds Pulses
60 seconds Wide Pushup

LEG SET 2 *Left Leg
90 seconds Front Lunge
30 seconds Hold Front Lunge
90 seconds Split Squat
15 seconds Hold Split Squat
15 seconds Pulse Split Squat
90 seconds Donkey Kick
30 seconds *Tempo* Donkey Kick
90 seconds Bungee


60 seconds Straight Arm Plank

Is it okay to work out seven days a week?

Absolutely! However, it really depends on the type of workouts you are doing and how you are taking care of yourself. You need to be cognizant of your activity levels to give your body the appropriate chance of reaching your goals, avoiding fatigue, and, ultimately, ensuring you enjoy your training.

As a fitness professional specializing in Pilates Strength-inspired workouts, I advise my clients, including myself, to incorporate 1-2 rest days weekly. To kickstart a new routine, consider the most effective workout split for you and your fitness goals.

The benefits of rest days

For athletes dedicated to intensive strength training with heavy weights, incorporating rest days is crucial for providing the muscles with the necessary recovery they deserve. Weightlifting places significant stress on your body and muscles, causing them to tighten up initially; however, this stress eventually turns into strength. Without adequate rest, the risk of sustaining injuries increases. Ensuring our bodies can sustain long-term training is paramount, so allowing yourself the time for recovery becomes essential to achieving that longevity. 

For those reentering the fitness world, consider treating a rest day as a reward. A great way to train your motivation is to commit to working out Monday to Friday for a total of 90 minutes, earning a well-deserved rest day upon completion. And who doesn’t love a well-deserved treat?

For fitness enthusiasts who view workouts as a holistic mind, body, and soul experience, continuous exercise is acceptable, provided you avoid overstraining. Also, for those who equate working out to meditation or their favorite “me-time” activity, where they fully dedicate time to themselves, diversify your workout styles and integrate stretching at least once a week to maintain a well-rounded fitness routine. You wouldn’t want to overdo this and get overworked. Burnout is real!

Moral of the story- your body’s recovery process is where most of the growth occurs. Don’t forget it.

Benefits for life

Workout motivation for women and men can be incredibly varied. Some people get motivated by outward results, others by how they feel from the inside. At the end of the day, what matters most is the knowledge that moving your body will almost always produce results that amplify your life. So, if you’re new to this, what are you waiting for? It only takes 5 minutes to start feeling stronger and to better your life.


Cant wait to hear about how great you will feel!



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