30-minute Pilates Workout, No Equipment Required

30-minute Pilates Workout, No Equipment Required
November 20, 2023 Albina

Hey there, Pilates enthusiasts!

Whether you’ve joined me for a BodyByBina session, live or on-demand, or you’re just a Pilates lover stumbling upon this post, welcome! If you haven’t tried Pilates yet, let me assure you that it’s a versatile method with something for everyone- regardless of where you are in your fitness journey.

 I’m Albina Katsman, the creator of BodyByBina. My virtual health and wellness platform focuses on tempo, form, and achieving results through Pilates and strength-inspired exercises.

During the pandemic, people worldwide embraced my 30-minute home workout with no equipment. The feedback? Classes flew by because they were fun, effective, and could be done from anywhere, with or without props. Check out some testimonials!

Can You Do Pilates at Home?

Absolutely! A recent survey found that 52.6% of people prefer working out at home for convenience. Consider the time saved by avoiding the gym commute. Instead, you can  throw on a quick 30-minute home workout – no equipment needed- and be done and sweaty very soon after! Remember, even if a class mentions equipment, you can achieve your exercise goals with just yourself and the desire to move and feel great.

Benefits of 30-Minute Workouts

Contrary to the belief that hours are necessary for fitness benefits, credible sources, including the New York Times, suggest that 30 minutes of moderate-intensity activity most days can significantly reduce the risk of various diseases. Movement is natural medicine for the body, so embrace it, regardless of how long or short your workouts are!

When I think about fitness, I think about how I can incorporate it into my life, rather than having it take over my everyday schedule. Here is a routine consisting of beginner pilates mat exercises that you can stack together to do anytime you need a little extra boost in your day!

30-Minute Home Workout – No Equipment

Quick At-Home Warm-up

Straight Arm Plank: 60 seconds

Elbow Plank: 60 seconds

Wide Straight Arm Plank: 60 seconds

Elbow Saw: 60 seconds

Quick At-Home Legs Workout

Front Lunge: 90 seconds

Hold Lunge: 60 seconds

Stationary Lunge: 90 seconds

Hold Pulse: 60 seconds

Bungee: 60 seconds

Hold Pulse: 30 seconds (repeat on the 2nd side)

Quick At-Home Arm Workout

Basic Pushups: 60 seconds

Lateral Arm Flies (SLOW): 60 seconds

Tricep Dips: 60 seconds

Lateral Arm Flies (SLOW): 60 seconds

Wide Pushups: 60 seconds

Wide V Flies: 60 seconds

Quick At-Home Obliques Workout

Twisted Mountain Climbers: 60 seconds

Hip Dips: 60 seconds

Laying Side Body Crunch: 60 seconds

Laying Side Body Crunch (second side): 60 seconds

Laying Side-to-Side Crunch: 60 seconds


Elbow Plank: 30 seconds

Saw: 30 seconds

Straight Arm Plank: 30 seconds

Bear: 30 seconds

Child’s Pose & Rest

Get It Now?

As you can see, you don’t need much to get your body sweaty! While I have my own Pilates home studio with the equipment that I choose to incorporate, focusing on my body’s strength is all I need. Give these exercises a try and share your feedback! See how you can stay in touch with me!

Till next time!!




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