Don’t Give up on Exercising with This Pregnancy Workout Plan

Don’t Give up on Exercising with This Pregnancy Workout Plan
January 25, 2024 Albina

If you’re embarking on the beautiful journey of pregnancy or preparing for it, maintaining a pregnancy workout routine can be a crucial aspect of your overall well-being. As a fitness instructor, I often find myself among the first to know when a client is expecting, and it’s awesome seeing the commitment these mothers-to-be have towards their health. In this post, we’ll explore the concept of a pregnancy workout plan, emphasizing key exercises such as Pilates reformer sessions, stretches for pregnancy sciatica, and yoga ball exercises.

Understanding the Pregnancy Workout Plan

A pregnancy workout plan is as unique as the individual creating it. For many, it involves modifying existing workout routines to accommodate the changes happening in their bodies. Others may choose to adjust the intensity of their exercises due to hormonal shifts or specific health considerations. The key is to listen to your body and consult with your doctor if anything feels out of the ordinary. Movement during pregnancy acts as a powerful stress-reliever and a vital self-care tool.

Pilates Reformer during Pregnancy

As a certified pilates girly, I know that taking classes on a pilates reformer during pregnancy is incredibly beneficial to the female body. Women who were Pilates enthusiasts pre-pregnancy may find the pilates reformer to be a valuable ally during pregnancy. Sessions on the reformer focus on low-impact, full-body strength using tension. The benefits include a stronger pelvic floor, improved blood circulation, and enhanced flexibility – all contributing to a healthier delivery and reduced discomfort throughout pregnancy. Please note that it’s important to stay somewhat clear of core focused workouts, especially the exercises lying on your back. There are plenty of effective ab workouts that don’t involve crunches.

Mat Pilates for Safe and Accessible Exercise

Mat pilates offers similar benefits to the reformer but in a safer and more accessible manner. Dr. Laura Williams, a doctor of physical therapy, emphasizes the positive impact of pilates on pregnancy pelvic exercises, deep core range of motion, coordination, and strength. Pre-recorded sessions, such as the ones on the BodyByBina platform, provide a variety of options. Essential classes can be modified for pregnancy, and move at a slower pace with a focus on the full body.

Other Workouts and Weightlifting Considerations

While many enjoy gym workouts and weightlifting and have been since before baby, consulting with your doctor before engaging in such activities during pregnancy is recommended! As well as focus on proper planning and research on suitable exercises. It may even be s a good idea to hire a trainer for a few sessions that focused on personalized guidance & safe movements. The priority is to avoid any potential harm to yourself or the baby.

Listening to Your Body and Alternatives

If your usual workout routine doesn’t feel right during pregnancy, it’s essential to listen to what your body is telling you! Every pregnancy is unique, and energy levels can vary as well. Outdoor or indoor walks, following the 12/3/30 approach on a treadmill, are a great alternative. Stretching is another excellent option, but caution must be exercised not to overstretch due to the relaxin hormone. Properly researched stretches, including stretches for pregnancy sciatica, can alleviate pain and enhance the overall pregnancy experience.

Incorporating Yoga Ball Exercises

For a light and effective movement, consider incorporating a yoga ball into your pregnancy workout plan. The following examples showcase exercises that promote comfort and effectiveness:

  • Seated Ball March
  • Seated Adductor Contractions
  • Ball Glute Bridges
  • Wall Squat with Ball
  • Quadruped Shoulder Taps
  • Wall Push Ups on Ball

Remember, the key is to tailor your pregnancy workout plan to your unique needs, listen to your body, and consult with your healthcare provider throughout this special time. A well-crafted and safe workout routine can contribute significantly to a healthy and enjoyable pregnancy journey. Need any more assistance? Reach out to me! Happy to guide your fitness journey through this special time! 



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