Women’s Fitness = Empowerment Fitness

Women’s Fitness = Empowerment Fitness
October 27, 2023 Albina

We don’t have to wait until March to talk about women’s empowerment!

Before we even start, if you’re wondering what women’s empowerment has to do with March, please take a well-deserved second and read

On the same page now? Okay, now we can begin!

This is a subject that gets brought up in my girls’ group chat almost always because we are, duh, females! Each of us in this group is so different with various personalities, a wide range of skill sets, and just different understandings of life. I love it. The more diverse and eclectic a group, the more we all learn and teach each other new things. What I love most about my group of girlfriends is how we support and empower each other in our own ways. My contribution: empowerment fitness. 

What is empowerment fitness?

A fitness approach that not only focuses on physical health and well-being but also on empowering individuals to take control of their mental, social, and emotional health! By working out and making time for themselves, they can work on their self-confidence, self-esteem, and personal growth… of course in addition to physical strength and endurance. If you’re in your gentle fitness phase, any workout can be applied to this empowerment term- empowerment yoga, empowerment pilates, empowerment anything, really.

Finding the right resources

Beyond is a great tool when needing some motivation, as it focuses on health and wealth beyond the body. It is a monthly virtual subscription box of virtual goodies such as- recipes, meditations, journal prompts, LIVE workshops, etc. This resource is the best way to work on your empowerment skills without fitness. I also have a monthly newsletter that focuses on topics and resources that empower women- subscribe to get yours! 

Empowerment in Training

What’s so interesting is that any well-trained exercise teacher will have a way of incorporating empowering fitness for their clients.  As a fitness professional myself, I bring empowerment to my sessions through motivational phrases such as:

“You can be anywhere else in the world, but you chose to be here”

“Set your intention, let it join you through the journey of your session”

“Yes. You. Can”

“You’ve already gotten so far, can’t give up now”

“We’ve already gone through the hardest part”

“If you’re shaking the results are coming”

…and so many more!

It’s always so fun to see what word or phrase people will cling to. Since everyone is so different, they will respond to different triggers! You can hear any of my fun callouts in any of my sessions and see which works for you.

Empowerment Workout!

Although any workout can be made to empower people, here are some sets I have put together for you that you can add to any of your sessions! Just please be sure you look up each exercise before doing it, I want you to feel safe, secure, and of course EMPOWERED – and not to get hurt! If you need to modify, by all means, do what is right for your body. 

HIIT workouts for women

45 seconds of Jumping Jacks

45 seconds of High Knees

Rest 30 seconds

45 seconds of Fast Feet

45 seconds of Burpees

Rest 30 seconds

45 seconds of Squat Jumps

45 seconds of Side to Side Shuffles

Rest 30 seconds

HIIT workouts for core

30 seconds of Mountain Climbers

10-second break 

30 seconds of Elbow Saw

10-second break 

30 seconds of Up- Down Planks

10-second break 

30 seconds of Elbow Plank Hip Dips

10-second break 

30 seconds of Criss Cross Mountain Climbers

10-second break 

30 seconds of Bicycle Crunches

HIIT workouts to lose weight

Good HIIT workouts for fat loss are best done when you add equipment to your movements. This is ESPECIALLY true FOR WOMEN. Adding weights and/or resistance bands to your cardio or HIIT workouts will provide the best results. Combining resistance and/or weight to your HIIT can help you tap into where your body’s fat stores for energy. This can lead to more effective fat loss as your body uses stored fat for fuel during and after the workout. Moreover, having strength and muscle tone in your body will have your body feeling strong, your mind feeling confident, and your energy unbeatable. How about that for empowerment?

Squats (60 seconds slow, 20 seconds fast, 20-second pulse) 

Stationary Lunge Right (60 seconds slow, 10 seconds fast, 20-second pulse)

Push-ups (20 seconds on, 10 seconds rest, x3)

Stationary Lunge Left (60 seconds slow, 10 seconds fast, 20-second pulse)

Sumo Squats (60 seconds slow, 20 seconds fast, 20-second pulse) 

Repeat 2x

Okay, I’m sweaty just by looking at those routines!

Hopefully, this didn’t scare you away, I promise all of the movements above are doable, and if not, always know that you can do whatever feels right on your body. For those who may have never worked out before or are looking for the motivation to get back in, the opportunity is always there for you! Start with googling pilates classes for beginners near me or join a gym and see if there are any classes or instructors that people recommend. Finding the right fitness class is like dating, you gotta look around until you find the one you want to come back to. 

Okay, that’s as much as the relationship advice you’ll get from me! Hope this was helpful. 

Chat with you guys soon,




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